Free Download PhotoInstrument 5.6 Build 563 Full Version

PhotoInstrument is a small tool that helps you edit image files.
When you first initiate the program, you are welcomed by video tutorials that show you how to apply various effects to images. So, PhotoInstrument can be also used by novices.
The user interface is easy to navigate through, and if you have zero experience in the digital manipulating area, then we strongly recommend you watch the video tutorials.
With the help of PhotoInstrument, you can use various tools to fix problems that are commonly found in images (e.g. asymmetry, skin defects).
These include blur, sharpen, brush (select color, size and hardness), clone (or healing brush), smudge, dodge and burn, liquify (move, push left, grow, shrink, remove), red eye removal, brightness and contrast, colorize, levels, rotate, scale and crop, skin cleaner, glamour skin, glow, object removal, noise removal, and layers.

So, with the help of PhotoInstrument, you can create glamor skin, remove unwanted objects from a picture, create multiple clones of yourself, clean skin impurities, and many more. It's all about being creative.

This program may seem childish, but it actually comes packed with some pretty powerful touchup tools. Unfortunately, there are some shortcomings as well. For example, you cannot use the hotkey for Undo and Redo, only the green arrows above the image. Sometimes, when you hit the Undo button, it takes you 2 steps or more back.

Sadly, the demo version does not allow you to save images, and the full version price may seem a little steep for some individuals. Nevertheless, PhotoInstrument is a very effective photo editing tool that uses a normal amount of CPU and system resources, and we definitely recommend you try it.

To download PhotoInstrument 5.6 Build 563 Full Version

To download SN PhotoInstrument 5.6 Build 563 Full Version



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