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Adobe photoshop adalah masih merupakan software terbaik dalam mengolah / mengedit photo maupun gambar. Dengan memakai software ini kita bisa mengedit photo sesuai aslinya. Pada postingan kali ini saya akan share adobe photoshop CS 8 versi portable. Dengan versi portable ini kita tidak perlu menginstal dikomputer kita, cukup download kemudian dicopy ke flashdisk maupun hardisk. Selain itu ukuran file sangat kecil cuma sekitar 41mb.

Supported by Photoshop format :
  1. PSD , PDD : Standard format with Photoshop layer support .
  2. PostScript is not exactly a format , but a page description language . It is commonly found in PostScript ********s . Drawing primitives used for editing.
  3. EPS : a cover version of PostScript , is used to place images in a ********. It supports vector and desktop publishing programs.
  4. DCS was created by Quark ( desktop publishing software company ) and can store typography, frames , etc. . Used to filming in desktop publishing.
  5. Prev EPS TIFF : Displays EPS files that will not open in Photoshop , such as QuarkXPress .
  6. BMP : Windows standard format .
  7. GIF : widely used for web . To store an alpha channel transparency to give it , and save it as interlaced so that the load on the web do it in several steps. Supports up to 256 colors.
  8. JPEG: also widely used on the web, very high compression factor and good image quality .
Download Adobe Photoshop CS 8 Portable
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