Free Download TweetDeck 1.5.3 For Windows,Mac,Android Dan Iphone

TweetDeck is a cross-platform Twitter client that uses a multi-column view to customise its look and feel. You can quickly admin one ore more twitter accounts, with each account spanning across the user-interface for easy reference. You can also admin your Facebook and other social media accounts, too.

If you have the desktop version of the program installed it is possible to sync settings between the two for a uniform Twitter experience and the app's handling of message allows for easy interaction. The message stream can supply notifications when new tweets are received, and upon viewing individual tweets simple links for replying, direct messaging and retweeting make it easy to work with.

Images attached to messages can be automatically uploaded to the likes of Twitpic and YFrog and URL are automatically shortened using the service of your preference. Customisable columns for trends and saved searches can be used to keep track of tweets relating to a particular subject and the multi-column interface allows for quick and easy movement between different aspects of the app.

Note that TweetDeck is no longer an Adobe Air application and is now native to Windows and Mac. UI changes have left a few users feeling let down. We've removed our "recommended" award for this product.

v1.5.3 changes include:
- Use the Columns button to quickly jump to any position
- Use the arrows buttons to scroll left and right several columns at a time
- Use swipe gestures on the trackpad to scroll effortlessly
- Access key user and Tweet actions from the new actions menu on every tweet
- Fit more columns on screen by enabling Narrow Columns in Settings
- Improved animations for tweets and column management
- Performance improvements
- Many bug fixes
To download TweetDeck 1.5.3 For Windows,Mac,Android Dan Iphone 
  1. For windows.........Click DOWNLOAD
  2. For Mac................Click DOWNLOAD
  3.  For Android.........Click DOWNLOAD
  4.  For iphone............Click DOWNLOAD


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