Free Download Game PC 3D Billiard Game: 3D Live Pool

Mini game edition, present for biliard lovers and any fan of pool: 3D Live Pool. The game is entertain, fun and realistic that will keep us like-palying for hours on end.

We can challenge themselves in play solo or face off against a computer opponent or a friend. We can also adjust the camera view of the various parts: from the pool table used for the ball. Difficulty adjusting to adjust the computer opponent skill levels. Just look at the best scores we've got and try to beat them. This is an excellent, great game, far above average, and recommended.

10 Different Pool Games
Select the type of game before starting. There are ten types of games: such as the 3-ball and 8-ball. We can choose other options such as choosing the 8-ball to our name as opposed to the computer and adjust the difficulty. Some of the games we will face off against one another and played alone.

Quick Play and Network Play
There are two modes: Quick Play and Network Play. Quick Play we use to fight against computer or friends in one of ten different pool games. We play our chosen continuously. Wins and losses for each player will be displayed on the screen. Other modes are Network Play, which provides the option of taking a friend through the Network. In the play, this requires an IP address.

Difficulty Levels
There are five different difficulty levels against the computer. This arrangement makes us to choose the opponent more difficult or easier. Computers can be challenging and we are still not familiar with amateur play.

Simple Controls
The controls are simple and easily referenced. Explains the basics of taking pictures and adjust the camera. A simple tutorial teaches the basics and some advanced techniques. It seems there is no major impediment to control this game.

To Download Game PC 3D Billiard Game: 3D Live Pool
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