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Point Blank games developed by the South Korean people named Zepetto and published by NCSoft. You will find many audio-visual effects and animation are better than FPS games in general. To win this game the most important is teamwork, like most other multi-player games.
This game tells about a feud between the government [CT-Force] and Free Rebels.
CT-Force [Counter-Terrorist Force]
CT-Force is the best combination of forces set up by the government that has a special duty to crush the terrorist movement called Free Rebels.

Point Blank has 7 game modes, namely:
* Death Match
o Killing enemy players to your team's score reaches a certain value or trying to become the team with the highest score when time runs out the game.

* Bombing Mission
o Free Rebels team goal is to blow up an area called the bombsite with the C4, while the CT-Force team's goal is to prevent teams bombsite Free Rebels exploded.

* Destroy Mission
o Destroy the objects that have been targeted in this fashion.

* Eliminate
o Kill all the enemies there is to win a round

* AI mode
o In this mode, players are required to fight an enemy that is controlled by the computer (AI). AI mode consists of Level 1 to Level 10, where a higher level, the higher the difficulty level of the enemy AI.

* Mode Shotgun
o Only the type of rifle weapon that can be used in this mode.

* Sniper mode
o Only the sniper rifle type weapons that can be used in this mode.

* Defense Mission
o Maintain a targeted object or menghancurkanya.

Point Blank has a total of 8 characters is divided into four characters for each team. Each character has the appearances and different backgrounds.

* Acid Pool (Paul)
Graduated as the best police officers of the University Police Elite and have a cold attitude. However, because the style of speech funny then he was given the nickname "Swimming Acid" by his friends after graduating he then signed up to the police. Because it has a high capability and always has a good tactic, he was then assigned to the CT-Force join. To prove his loyalty and kepercayaanya to the government, he was ready to fight the increasingly rampant Rebels Free.

* Interested Eye (Ayse)
Do crossbreed between natives and migrants. He has a high capability and is one of the leaders of the police. For this reason CT-Force intends to ask him to join. Because it is a mixed ancestry and has a keen eye then his friends called him "Eyes Attracted". This is the only breed in the police.

* Leopard
At age 17 he moved to the United States along with his entire family. Because he is a descendant of Asia harassed by classmates. After graduating from college in 22 years she immediately signed up to become a member of the United States Army. At age 24 he was a member of the Special Forces Green Beret. He then acquired the rank of sergeant at the age of 33 years. After that, he returned to his birthplace to enjoy life. Not long after came the news that the central government wants to recruit all the soldiers that are reliable to form a team to fight the terrorists increasingly rampant. The team is called CT-Force. Green Berets get the command to find someone who has a high ability to join the CT-Force against terrorists. At the time of joining the CT-Force, he got a call "Leopard".

* Hide
He was born in England, both her parents were former soldiers in Tokyo. At age 19 he enrolled to become a soldier in the British Army. Age of 22 years he became the most famous soldier in the British Army because it has a high capability, especially in support of tactical. At age 26 he got a hard battle, causing injury to the face. Because of the ability and experience, CT-Force interested in recruiting him. Because it comes from a foreign country he was given the nickname "Hide". However, because he could not be closed along with others in the CT-Force With a short haircut and black, and the scar on his face, making her look really cool.

* Red Bulls
Because only an immigrant in a small village he lived with tuanya.dan other immigrants. He is also a great ball player. Shortly after receiving his championship MVP in football, he heard that his parents were killed while defending their village from the government that wants to destroy the village. He soon returned to his village, but he just found a village that has been destroyed. His heart was filled with anger and hatred to the government. Then he joined the Free Rebels to avenge the death of his parents. Physical football player and has a keen eye like a bull make friends in the Free Rebels called "Red Bulls"

* Tarantula
He was born in immigrant families. Lost both parents during childhood accident, was later adopted by other families. Day after day passed in his new family. But the racist nature of his adopted father are getting bigger and treated roughly. One day he found a revolver in the closet, then he took a pistol and shot his adoptive father's chest. As a result of this incident he was put in jail. In prison he was often called "Tarantula". After several years he is free from penjara.Kemudian he heard the news that immigrants always have the discrimination, it made him very angry. Then he decided to join the Free Rebels.

* D-Fox
Both parents from the Middle East and Asia. Although he has a good physical mixture. At age 20 he became a lieutenant and has done a lot of special missions. At the age of 25 years he has been a team leader. He was famous for never leaving traces in every battle. At age 26 he had become Army Rangers. Not long after that he got a job a secret from the government. But because there is error information from the government, all team members were killed. Government delegate all the blame herself for what happened. Government did not receive treatment, he later rebelled and joined the Free Rebels. To remember and honor friends who have died on the battlefield he later renamed itself the Desert Fox who later shortened to "D-Fox." On one mission he had no time to escape before the bomb exploded installed, so that his hands hurt. Therefore he always use gloves. 
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